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    how to turn unpalatable things into tastable food

    I've been on a no-carbs-and-fat-together diet for 2 weeks and I've lost appetite, unable to swallow most of my 4300 cal/D. Liquid meals are OK (protein powder + 150 g raw oatmeal), but solid meals suck. I need between 1 and 2 hours to get them and I'm short of time. 300 g dry turkey breast, 300g boiled fish filet, 300g boiled full rice, 300g full pasta/ meal without sauce, fruit juice or anything.
    Are fruit so bad ? It would help to drink some orange juice or to eat fruit with these things.
    Anyone has an idea ?

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    You have something against marinades/spices/salt/seasonings????


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    Food = good! Why would you want to eat unpalatable food? Fish black'nd with cajon seasonings, sliced chicken breast on whole grain bread with spicy mustard, veggies steamed with...well I like my steamed veggies plain, but you get the idea. If your gonna eat you should learn to cook and enjoy.

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    also do not overcook things! I can cook chicken or turkey breast on a griddle or microwave until its perfectly done and it will be extremely moist and tasty. If you cook them for 15 minutes a side you will be eating the dryest piece of ass in existence

    Also find new techniques which maintain the moisture: steaming, poaching, baking in a bag ala-Jamie-Oliver. These maintain the natural juices inside foods and can be used for meats, vegges etc. Also take a walk down the sauces isle of a supermarket and there will most likely be numerous choices of sauces to choose from which have no to little fat (for P/C meals) and no added shyte (sugars, thickeners etc.) Look for ones based on natural ingredients like tomatoes, chillies, lemons etc. I cannot imagine eating tuna without some of my Jalapeno sauce!

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