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    Q about Morning Cardio

    Hi All,

    I have a question regarding morning cardio:

    I used to do cardio on off days sometime in the middle of the day due to time constraints, making sure I ate a minimum of 2-2.5 hours before. However I have started waking up that little bit earlier to do cardio in the AM as is so well advocated. However, my question has to do with the length of the session: I used to do it for around 40 minutes. Now that it is on the AM prior to any food, should it still be around 40 minutes or can it be less? Bear in mind I am currently maintaining, not cutting. I only started this week and done it twice so far and both times I did 30 minutes instead of 40 since I was absolutely finished after 30. Is this something usual or will the fatigue go away after a few more morning sessions, when my body regulates to it?


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    35 minutes is acceptable.

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    according to two pro bodybuilders, doing AM cardio for 30 - 35 minutes is enough to get the fat loss in and not catabolize muscle.

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    According to two bodybuilders, CELL TECH got them 50 lbs. of lean mass in 3 months too, and a trip to the Olympia!!!!!


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    Cardio times vary per person and depends on the shape they are in.

    Someone that is cut up already does not neccesarily need to go 45-1hr cardio sessions like a fatty like me.

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