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    Some ppwo recipe ideas??

    Tryin to step it up in terms of studying, so im about to start goin to a gym thats 3 blocks from my campus, then going back to the campus library right after to study instead of procrastinating.

    This means i will have to consume my pwo and ppwo on campus along with the rest of my earlier meals since I will be on campus pretty much all day. I have all my pro/fat meals down. Im just looking for some good ppwo meals i can throw in the lunch bag as well to drag down to campus that are simple.

    Thinking of some wheat pita's with some form of meat???

    Any suggestions??



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    If they have a microwave take some oatmeal and whey protein. Keep the protein in a baggie, use some Splenda or something and enjoy. I like vanilla protein, oatmeal, cinnamon, and Sweet N Low. You could also use grits. I love grits with chocolate and Sweet N Low. How about a pouch of tuna or salmon and some whole wheat bread and maybe some fat free cheese. Mark

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    I have to eat my ppwo in my night class. Its chicken chopped up and mixed with brown rice put in a tubberware container. I put in a couple packets of taco bell hot sauce for flavor. Works good for me

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