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    basketball & bodybuilding

    does anyone know if its bad to do both bodybuilding and play basketball (3 times a week for 1 hour) at the same time? does playing basketball "burn" muscle or make it harder to gain muscle?

    im lifting 5 days a week, cardio two times and now i want to play ball too for the school team... should i quit doing cardio and replace it with playing basketball?

    thnx in advance

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    Basketball 3 times a week is okay, but you will lose some muscle if you push yourself too hard...
    In basketball, your heart rate often goes well above the 70% mark....

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    you will be fine as long as you still have enough energy to hit the gym hard everyday. i know after i play i cant get in a good workout i am way to tired and have no energy. i woudl set up my workout where you dont go to the gym the days you play. ie. lift 4 days a week play ball 3

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