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    please critique my mass gain diet guys


    m1: 8 egg whites
    3 packets grits w/ ff cheese

    m2: chicken breast
    1 cup oats

    m3: shake (2 bananas, 2 tbsp pb, 2 scp whey, 2 tbsp honey, 2 cups ff milk)


    m4: 2 scp whey
    2scp powdered gatorade

    m5: chicken breast
    sweet potato

    m6: chicken breast
    handful of nuts

    m7: whey powder
    2 tbsp PB

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    Substitute lean protien meals for two of your whey shakes, you dont want the majority of your protein coming from powders.

    You also need dextrose in your post workout shake....double the grams of protein (40g pro + 100g dex)

    Check out the bulking sticky and lean mass sticky......good shizzle

    What are your goals and current stats bro....

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