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    critique my diet please!

    Im just starting my first cylce
    (500mg test enath, 400mg eq,10-12weeks)

    930am=meal one- whey,cup of oatmeal(50gram protien from whey)

    1100am=meal two- 1/2 lb of hamburger, lettuce,cup of oatmeal

    2pm=meal three-10oz chicken,half bag of assorted veggies,1cup of oatmeal,olive oil

    430pm=meal four-whey,orange juice, bannana (50gram protein from whey,pw)

    530pm=meal five-10oz chicken, olive oil, veggies, cup of oatmeal

    845=meal six-around half lb of hamburger,1 can of tuna, mayo. (no carbs)

    1030pm=meal seven- cottage cheese,whey,milk,olive oil,fish oil

    I am 6'4-6'5,260+,alittle chubby. Should I be eating more or less? I dont want to get real fat, but I want to gain as much muscle as I can.

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    Check the stickies above in this forum. Choose the sticky that best addresses your goals, and apply the principles contained therein to your situation.


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