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    Cheat Meal Be Beer ?

    Is it okay once a week for my cheat meal (lifting day) to be a couple of beers, provided I follow my regular bulking diet throughout the day.

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    Hell ya. If you want to be real strict with your diet, take some calories out of your solid food and to make room for the beer calories. I drink a couple of beers every Fri / Sat night. But I not anal about my diet. If you're in competition or something, the emtpy calories might not be a good idea. What are your diet goals?

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    Why do you think it would be bad?

    There's no physiologic reason why you can't have alcohol in moderation when dieting, so long as you account for the calories and follow all the standard no mixing carbs/fat rules.

    I have a beer or glass of wine with my second pwo meal several times a week and it makes absolutely no difference in my progress when compared to total abstinence.

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    I've been reading in mags that alcohol, no matter what type it is lowers test production for up to three days...

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