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    Cutting Meal plans

    I'm 5'7'', 190lbs, and 15%bf. My goals are to get down to 10%bf before christmas. I am going to a cycle of prop, tren , and winstrol depot. I am fully aware that stripping off fat and getting rock solid is 80% diet. Well here it is:

    -5:30am: coffee, glutamine (hour of cardio)
    -6:45am: whey protein powder (45gms)
    -9:00am:4 servings of power butter(50gms protein) w/
    fiberous veggies
    -11:30am: 4oz. turkey, 1/2 cups of rice, fiberous veggies
    -2:30pm: whey/casin protein powder(50gms protein)
    -3:00pm: workout
    -4:30pm: whey protein powder(50gms)
    -6:00pm: 6oz. lean beef/rice/fiberous veggies
    -8:00pm: slow-release whey powder
    -10:30pm: bed

    I know i am very short, and pretty big for how tall I am, but i have extremely big shoulders. The last bulking cycle I was on, I got up to 215lbs. with 16% bf. I lose fat very quickly, but it is gona be a long road.

    Please, on of the gurus or anyone else, can yall give me your opinions on my diet. I would really appriciate it.

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    I received your p.m. Please take heed of the disclaimer in my auto-signature.

    Review the cutting sticky atop the page for assistance. Re-vamp your approach and re-post it here for a general critique by the members.


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