my diet is on point and i made great gains since i joined this board thanks to you guys. i just have one proplem that im facing right now and cant come up with the right PWO in my eyes. i just started school again and im still working, im up at 6am and home at 11pm, i cant hit the weights untill the weekend which is no big deal. however, i started doing a 20 minute workout when i get home at 11pm just to do something pertaining to fitness. if i dont workout i tend to cheat (meals) for some reason.

here is my late night workout.
3 x 25 pushups
3 x 20 dips
3 x 20 wide grip pullups
3 x 20 close grip pullups
50 crunches
i shawdow box through all these sets to keep my heart rate up..

my guesstion is, what the heck should be my PWO meal. i figure its just the shake w/dex 40 g pro/ 80 g dex but i dont think im doing enough to warent all these sugars late at ngiht before bed? what do you guys think? i was thinking just protien but i dont know iof my body will digest it properly without any carbs? LMK guys