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Thread: Need help

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    Hi everyone, I've been reading through these forums and found a lot of interesting information so far. But I really need your input.
    I am 21, 5'5 160lbs. Two years ago I was very active in very good shape. I was pretty cut around 130lbs. But I got injured and after that lost all interest in working out or doing cardio, needless to say I haven't done anything in 2 years. I am finally starting to get back to the gym. I run in the mornings right now at 25 - 30 mins a day, I am starting out slow not to get overwhelmed by it. I have made a few attempts in starting diet, cardio and weightlifting at the same time but all have failed because after a week of getting into it my body would rebel against me and I would get sick, and wouldn't be able to continue, well after getting over sickness I would have no intentions of getting back to the gym.
    As I said I am back into cardio but I need a lot of help with schedule, diet (not just pro/fat, or pro/carb, I want to see actual examples if possible), and weight lifting. I've read through cutting sticky many many times, but could someone give me examples of lean protein, fat, carbs. Thank you very much in advance. I am serous about getting back in shape but I need to start and that’s the hardest thing to get into routine.
    Thanks again.

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    do a search, tons of great diets have been posted on here numerous times


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    Agreed, do a search and propose a plan of attack for critique here.


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    I agree, show some initiative and search the forum, then we can further assist you.

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