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    My Lean Mass Diet, Help

    This diet is for gaining muscle mass with a lesser amount of fat than a bulking diet.

    Meal 1:

    4 eggs w/2 slices of cheese & 3 slices of bacon

    Meal 2:

    Isopure Shake (half a serving)
    Toast with peanut butter

    Meal 3:

    Tuna Fish w/ honey mustard

    Meal 4:

    Cold cut sandwich, usually 4 slices of ham or bologna and 1 slice of cheese
    Isopure Shake (half a serving)

    Pre Workout:

    2 Packets Outmeal hour before lifting

    Post Workout:

    Isopure Shake (Full Serving)

    2 Hours Before Bed:

    3 Chicken Breasts

    i know its pretty terrible so help me out

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    Diet needs work......check the bulking sticky in my sig.

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    Great idea with that signature!!!!!


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