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    Flax and Isopure drink

    Hey guys I am almost about to call it a night. I remember you guys saying take flaxseed oil with protein to slow down the protein process to act like a time release over a longer period of hours.

    I have flaxseed oil pills and they are 1000 mg each. How many mg's would I have to take with my Isopure drink?

    Edit......I also have fish oils..

    So what do I do? I've been waiting for almost an hour now to do this guys and sleep , any info about now would be appreciated , thanks.
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    Stick to slower digesting proteins before bed, things with casein in it like cheese or protein powder mixes, and/or meat products, etc. Isopure will probably digest slower when mixed with fats, but its not exactly ideal.

    As for the amount, I would say 10g of flax/fish would be fine.....nothing really scientific about that, it just seems like a reasonable amount of fat to take for that meal.

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    Bro, get the flax liquid. You gotta eat like 14 pills to get a tbsp of flax. Just have a shake before bed with some flax mixed in for a pro/fat pre sleep meal.

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