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    So how's my diet look to you guys, anything you think needs tweaking?

    1. 6egg whites 1whole egg 1/4 cup cheese
    2. 1.5 chicken breasts, salad, tbls olive oil
    3. steak, brocolli
    4. preworkout-turkey sandwich (turkey, whole wheat bread)
    5. postworkout-protein shake, dextrose
    5.5 post post workout- 1.5 chicken breasts 1 cup rice
    6. 2cans tuna 1 tbls mayo
    7. bed-shake with flax
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    looks good to me. I personally wouldn't eat steak every day but just make sure it's a leaner cut...maybe add some green veggies in meal 5.5

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    I think you need to add much more fiber - mainly in the form of veggies. You're going to want to keep your GI tract moving smoothly on such a high-protein diet. The broccoli, whole wheat bread, and rice are good, but that probably only constitutes roughly 15 grams/day. I'd shoot for at least 25. I would also advocate drinking a few cups of green tea every day - a cheap and easy way to help cut up as well as stay healthy.

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