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    percentages of total caloric intake (help)

    yo freaks,

    so im working on my diet for this upcoming cycle. im currently 6-0ft, 187 lbs, 13% bf. Im hoping to get to a relatively lean 210lbs by the end of this cycle. the calorie intake calculator on the AR page tells me that i need 3323 calories a day to maintain the 187lbs. If i use the 210 lbs in the calculator (since this is my goal), it tells me i need 3600 per day. So how many cals should i eat? Im thinkin I should add some and make it a nice round 4000 per day. Also, what percentages of this should be protein, carbs, and fat? Thanks.

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    I think the calculator refers to lean body weight. (doesn't include the 13% of you that's fat). Read the bulking sticky at the top of the page.
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