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    Unhappy How's my bulking diet??

    I am looking to start my first steroid cycle in the next few months.

    I understand that my diet is by far the most important factor to gaining size and would like some advice to make sure i am on the right track for bulking.

    22 yrs old
    6ft tall
    10% fat
    weight training just over 1 year

    Steroid cycle
    weeks 1-12 500mg Test Enth
    weeks 1-11 400mg Deca
    weeks 1-17 Nolvadex 20mg ED
    weeks 1-17 Vitamin B6 200mg ED
    Clomid PCT weeks 15-17

    My diet (so far) will consist of

    08:00 Protein & Carbs 8 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal 1 scoop whey protein
    10:00 Protein & Fat chicken or turkey, peanuts
    13:00 Protein & Carbs salmon, sweet potato, banana
    16:00 Protein & Fat whey protein shake & almonds


    19:00 Protein & Carbs protein & carb shake
    20:00 Protein & Carbs tuna jacket potato, broccoli
    22:00 Protein & Fat chicken & flax oil
    00:00 Protein & Fat casein protein shake & flax oil

    Unsure about physical meal sizes at the moment but i'll be aiming for approx 4,000 calories.

    Each meal will contain 50 grams of protein = 400 grams per day
    Carb meals will contain 80 grams carbs approx = 320 grams per day
    Fat meals will contain 25 grams fats approx = 100 grams per day

    I know i need casein as my protein source last thing at night but really cannot stomach cottage cheese and don't like the idea of cooking steak into the early hours.

    Is a casein shake a suitable alternative?

    My diet is missing bread and pasta, is this something i should worry about?
    Or will i be better without them?

    Also, i will be consuming 3 shakes per day.
    I know this would be a problem if i was only having say 5 meals per day
    But as i plan on 8 meals per day, would it be ok to have 5 "real food" meals and 3 shakes?

    Thank you to anyone able to offer me some advice, and help me to grow

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    right behind ya
    why are you even considering steroid use after just 1 year of lifting?

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    I'm a boxer,
    I've been training for about 15 years
    I had to lift weights as part of my training and have done so for nearly 5 years
    But my training was always based more on speed and fitness
    As far as weight training goes yes i've done it for a good while, but not with the intention of bodybuilding.
    As this is now my intention, after 5 years of lifting i have decided to use steroids

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    why dont you take test-e with dbol 1-4 to kick start your cycle and get rid of deca ? diet looks good IMO! are you going to be taking clen PCT?

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    In response to BIGDOGC's post,

    Dbol would be a good alternative to the Deca , and it was something i looked into long and hard before deciding on the Test+Deca route.

    Yes the Dbol would help to kickstart my cycle and help to increase my strength from the start, it would also add some mass to me.

    There are however a few reasons why i chose not to use the Dbol just yet.

    You need to have some form of Test in your cycle, it's the base of your cycle, so if i'm going to have an injection why not add Deca to create a stack and increase gains.

    Dbol, being an oral, is highly liver toxic, as this is my first cycle i want to know how my body is going to react to steroids , if i go down the injectable route first, i will be using steroids that are far less toxic in my system, and other side effects are also quite low (except progesterone gyno from the Deca that is, hence the B6)

    If you look at the main/home page of this site you will see a link to a steroid effectiveness chart on the left hand side.

    On this chart you will see that gains in mass and strength are similar for both Dbol and Deca, however, the human body can keep gains made from Deca much better than those from Dbol.

    Also i think the water retention from Dbol is higher than Deca, meaning you look to have gained more size when you're on it, but lose more when you come off as it's water weight not lean muscle mass.

    You also mentioned CLEN , am i right in thinking you're asking about Clenbuterol ?

    This is a topic i am yet to study in great depth, although i plan to in the near future

    My metabolism is very fast, so any fat i gain whilst bulking should be relatively easy for me to get rid of.

    A slight alteration of my diet and a little more cardio and the fat falls right off me.

    Thanks for approving my diet for me.
    I hope everyone else thinks it's a good one to use
    Whatever your opinion, i'd like to hear from you

    I guess i'm getting nearer to the big day all the time

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    for a first time cycle i wouldnt run the deca , test only at 500mgs/wk is what i would run, like said b/f maybe some d-bol for a jumpstart the first 4wks at prolly 50mgs ED, 500 test and 400deca sounds a lil steep for a first time user and with this being ur first cycle ur body is going to have all that in it when u dont even no how ur body will react to the subbstances but thats JMO, better the safe way than the hard way, also if u didnt want alot of bloating and wanted to stay hard u could also run some var in there say 8wks at 30-50mgs ED, that also would be a good start for a beginer, good luck bro in ur choice and be safe while in doing so

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    Do you suggest i run some VAR at 30-50mgs ED in weeks 1-8 aswell as the Test and Deca ?

    Test = Definate
    Deca = More than likely, it's not too late for you to point out the error of my ways
    VAR = Hadn't looked into this yet!!!

    You're right Test & Deca might be too much for my body, i'm on here everyday looking at something, just trying to get myinfo together.

    If the Test and Deca could prove too much, what about the VAR?

    Is my diet looking good so far?
    I don't have many veggies in there, should i add some more?

    Anyone else have an opinion on my diet or adding VAR to my stack?

    Thanks again everyone

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    I just realized a bumped an old a** thread***

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