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    Need Critique Asap!!

    Whats up y'all... Just wanted to post my bulking (somewhat lean) diet and see what I could be doing better.

    Right now I am about to enter week 4 of a Sust250 cycle, and am not seeing the results I had hoped for. I am running 500mg/week shot every M/W/F.

    Stats: 6'2" 205 lbs 15% bodyfat

    5:45am : 1 Cup Oats with Splenda+Cinnamon (60g carbs)
    250mL Skim Milk (8g Protein, 12g Carbs)
    Protein Shake (44g Proetin)
    1 tblsp. Nat. PB (12g fat)

    8am: 1 tub cottage cheese (60g protein, 27g carbs, 5g fat)

    930am: 5 lowfat cheese snacks (30g protein, 20g fat)

    11am: Lunch (40g Protein, 40g Carbs, 5g Fat)

    1pm: Beef Jerky (25 g Protein, 5g Carbs)

    3:30pm: Protein Brownie (45g Protein, 12g Carbs, 12g Fat)

    5pm: Proetin Shake (45g protein)

    6:30: Dinner (40g protein, 40g Carbs, 20g Fat) *average


    PWO Shake: (44g Protein, 66g Carbs)

    9pm: PWO Meal 1 Can Tuna (35g protein)

    11pm: Nightime Protein Shake (45 g proetin, 6g Carbs, 4g Fat)

    *** I think my diet is solid, but you guys can have fun tearing it up!! I NEED THE HELP BIGTIME!

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    Bro, i would read the bulking sticky for starters. Your diet needs alot of work. Remember, never mix your carbs and fats.

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    Well, I am not really seeing much fat gain on my diet so I dont know if seperating fats and carbs is the answer. I read the bulking sticky, and it said to seperate them due to fat gain.

    I just want to put on mass right now, the leaner the better but just mass in general. My diet is based around Natty PB, Oats, Lean Meats Cottage Cheese and shakes. I dont understand why I'm not gaining with those 4 things alone!!!

    415g Protein / 250g Carbs / 85g-100g Fats

    hmmm.. after looking at my breakdown I think I need more carbs and fats!!

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