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Thread: carb cycling

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    carb cycling

    been reading about this twin peeks carb cycling program where u are on a 3day rotation low carb/no carb/high carb....basicaly i'm just trying to get killer abs...doing cardio twice daily(1st thing in morning and right before bed)...400+cals burned each session(eliptical/bike/treadmil),lite ab workouts 5times a week, i'm 5'9 169lbs in the morning and hardly anyfat on me except for a little in the abdominals so my abs are razor sharp...stomache is flat and the abs look perfect when flexed...but ofcourse i need them perfect all the time, i take in about 170g carbs daily and 2000 calories daily, i'm about to hit a pretty good cycle (dbol ,fina,test enth,eq,winny at the end) but i want sick abs before all the water retention bs from as...maybe i should do 50g carbs daily and 1200 cals or what...pls help out

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    you need to read alot more, im carb cycling now for my show, but my numbers arnt nearly that low, it works great, make sure to cheat on high carb days on days you workout and do cardio..

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    idk, def do some more research... also depends how u hold water for those abs to show.. 5'9" 170? and only 1200 calories, how much do you want to shrink bro?

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