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    Health/Diet quotes

    lets here some good quotes about diet, health or fatloss.

    "if It jiggles its fat" Arnold

    "in 1977 when I had dinner with Linus Pauling. I asked him if he wasn't taking a risk in eating his thick steak. He told me he believed if the body was well nourished with every thing it needed to function optimally then cholesterol would take care of itself and we didn't need to worry about it. By the way, he lived to 93." - Charles (Puckik) McGee

    "We were taught in medical school that we are omnivors, able to eat all foods. We have the biochemistry to process carbs, proteins, and fats. Then suddently we are not able to process a list of high fat natural foods our ancestors ate throughout history with no evidence of harm. Shame on the cholesterol mafia." C. McGee

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    "if it bleeds, we can eat it" -- AlphaMale

    Arnold in the Predator, modified of course...corny but it's all i got

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    Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat - Socrates

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