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Thread: 28% bf 190lb

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    28% bf 190lb

    My workout partner want to cut up, I am at 17% bf and my work out partner is 28% bf 190, he looks suprisly musclely - the fat spreads evenly over his body not much on his guts - mine only goes to my guts, how unfair

    But anyway he wants to cut and I myself have never done it so how do I show him? Whats he gotta do.


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    read the cutting stickies... get a solid diet in place and train with cardio as a regular routine... Cardio and Diet are key components.

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    Fat in his stomache or not, 28% is a pretty chubby dude. He needs to really re-evaluate his diet. I'd give him this website and tell him to check out the diet forum for some good info.

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