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    my diet, plz help

    im in week 9 of my 14 week cycle of test e and eq. my strength gains are great, and im starting to get some definition. when i started i weighed 237lbs i am now 215lbs. needless to say i had a beer gut. the guy that hooked me up with my gear also works out with me and wrote me this diet i have been on for the last 9 weeks
    7am 6 egg whites 2 yolks
    1 cup of oatmeal
    1 banana

    9:30 50 mg shake

    11:30 8oz chicken breast
    1 cup of veggies
    1 potato

    2:00 50mg shake

    5:00 pre workout 50mg shake

    7:00 post workout 50mg shake

    9:30 8oz piece of lean meat and cup of veggies

    i have lost a ton of fat and love handles but now im not losing any more fat and im not gaining much mass. i play rugby and run about 13-16 miles a week. i also lift for 2 hours on mon, tues, thurs, fri.

    im 6'0 210-215 lbs if you see anything you can help me on please do.

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    Is that a bulking or cutting diet? If its a bulker then its obvious why you aren't gaining weight bro. Too many shakes going on too. Replace with turkey, chicken, tuna, etc. Serious lack of carbs aswell. Read the bulking stickies for guidance.
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    too many shakes....... replace the 5.00 meal with real food like tuna or chicken breast + rice

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