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Thread: new start

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    Jun 2005

    Post your help please

    onfo on me

    im 19
    6ft 3
    12in bi's
    39in chest
    32in waist

    between 14 and 16 i had Anorexia,it almost killed me i got down to 8st.
    but last year i discovered the gym and i love it, its everything to me.And not content with just being alive i want to get in to bodybuilding and want to eat right,i have no problem eating alot now so hit me with your diet ideas

    Also could you please tell me what drives you to stick to it,words of motivation if you like? thanks to all
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    well...... just pick up a mag with a bodybuilder or fitness male you like and cut out a page..... when you feel down and dont wanna stick to your diet... just take a look and your back in line.
    As for the diet... go to the bulk diet stickies... these can be found on the top of the diet forum page..... Once you get on a good diet you feel good and wont go back to shit food!!!


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