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Thread: GI Question

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    GI Question

    Hey y'all this is my first thread and this is question I always pose to trainers and shit and get mixt replies.

    Why is that so many bodybuilders eat Whole Wheat bread and wraps and shit if its soooo high on the GI? How come not Pumpernickel which seems to be the lowest on the Index.

    I've even asked that Q at the gym to some personal trainiers and they tell me that Pump-Bread is crap. They say Whole Wheat is the best. But Whole Wheat is 73 ( High Glycemic) on the GI and Pump is 46( which is Low Glycemic). Are they just old school-minded??? I know that this GI thing is now starting to come to the mainstream, but I've been living it for quite some time because both my parents are Diabetics so I have lived like that to avoid problems for myself in the future.

    Thanks for any input

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    Answered this is the other thread.

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    yeah thanks Giantz I thought that might have been an old thread!

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