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    a building

    protein predicament

    does any1 else find it hard to eat 1.5 times their bodyweight in protein?? its like having a full time job. ive been doing it lately and its not easy

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    No flame here, but your weight is only 145. You are having a hard time getting at least 225 grams of protein? You should have no problem getting that in and more. Are you supplimenting with protein shakes? Open cans of tuna... and inhale

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    Try having two protein shakes a day, eggs for breakfast, some tuna mid-day and early afternoon, and chicken at night. Hell, just eat as much as you can and as often as you can! Let me know how you're progressing bro. Good luck and keep lifting hard!!!

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    This is not exactly along the lines of your question Khull, but I didn't feel like making a new thread. Can anyone tell me how much protein is enough or to much? I'm 6-0, 250, 33yo, lift 5 days a week, cardio 3x week, bf 24%. Currently I'm taking in about 250-270g of protein a day. I'm trying to cut while hanging on to what lbm I have. Now I have heard that I should be taking in anywhere from 180g to 300g per day. I have tried searching for this info, but enter the word protein in the search button and stand by for about a gazzillion hits. Thanks for any help.

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