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Thread: Why, Why, Why!!

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    Why, Why, Why!!

    I am SUPER clean for 10-12 days and feel thin and kind of flabby then I have a fat free calories explosion day and put on 10 pounds of water and I feel better, look better and the flab is gone. Have I dieted too long? I am 6 foot 181 and 190 the day after carb load. I eat 6-8000 calories on my carb loads, all fat free or low fat crap like cereal, etc..

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    The food probably contains a shit load of carbs and/or sodium to make up the taste of being fat free so you probably hold a ton of water.

    The reason you feel better is most likely because you are carb depleting for the rest of the week so of course the re-feed will make your body feel better phisically and mentally as well.

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    you did a refeed bro u depleted your resources for a long period of time then you ate a shit load of carbs in 1 day it called a refeed, you are refilling your glucose levels by doing this and shocking ur body along with it

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    Thats what a refeed day is for, filling out...getting muscle glycogen as high as possible along with a host of other benefits.

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    you refilled the muscle glycogen to such an extent that it pulled your skin tighter from the increase in muscle size. Also, remember, your abs use glycogen too like any other muscle, therefore they will have more"pop" if they are filled to the brim with glycogen, thus making them appear more defined cuz they simply show through better.

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    haha sometime when dieting i sometimes thing im getting flatter just beacuese when i hit my stomach i can feel the loose fat over the abs but i really know the abs are just very depleted and look forward to my refill day

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    A few things that most people do not understand when dieting:

    1. Less carbs in your diet will make you look flat, especially if you do not have a "high" amount of lean muscle mass to begin with.

    2. When dieting down from a higher body fat percentage, you will actually look worse while dieting. This is due to the breakdown of the fatty tissue. Gets depressing, I know. Stick to it and when it's all said and done, those abs will cut through like butter on a hot knife.

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