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Thread: pizza issue

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    pizza issue

    is pizza really that bad of a food? i see a lot of people say they eat it on their cheat day. i dont see why it would be considered a food to "cheat" with. its got dough (bread) tomato sauce and cheese. how bad could that really be?

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    Not much protein there. Pull off all the pepperoni and sausage and put it aside, and remember that it is only about 20% protein at best. Then look at all the dough and shit you got left. So a big large mumbo mega double stuffed tripple ripple bronto pizza with everything on it probably has 20 grams of protein, tops. And how much fat and carbs? You fill your belly, go over your cals, but don't get your protein. So, great cheat day meal. Maybe okay, maybe not good at all, for other times, including bulking.

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    topp it with extra chicken, I love bbq chicken pizza's light cheese please.

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    i live for pizza

    it will be a cold day in hell before i give up pizza!!!!it's the only foos i have always sworn i would never cut from my diet no matter what. my cheatday is all about white pizza w/ chicken a broccoli

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    Ok guys, I got this from Papa John's website (my favorite pizza, and also my favorite cheat meal).

    This is for a slice of pepperoni (from a large 14" pizza w/original crust)

    Calories -303
    Protein - 13 grams
    Carbos - 37 grams
    Fat - 12 grams
    Saturated Fat - 5 grams
    Sodium - 793 mg

    Now just looking at that i was thinking its not as bad as I would have imagined. But who has the will power to eat ONE slice of pizza. For me you would have to at least double those numbers and on most occasions multiply them by four or five

    So in opinion, compared to fried foods, pizza is not AS bad, but it still remains a food to be eaten only on a cheat day.

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    If you ditch the pepperoni... it's not that bad. 2 slices of dominos large cheese pizza has 15g of fat... so I eat 6 slices and only 45. Wash it down with a protien shake... That's my cheatmeal.

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