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    how do i lower my BF? help!!!!

    hey guys i know cardio+diet= less body fat

    i'm 22 with 19% BF. how much cardio and what kind of diet do i need to bring that down to 8,9 or 10%?????

    thanx yall

    peace out

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    6 meals a day, around 2100 calories or maybe a lil less, all complex carbs in the morning until post work-out meal,get 50 grams of simple carbs and 50 grams of protein. one hour later get another 50 grams of protein with 50 grams of complex carbs,then eat again three hours later with 50 grams of protein and some fiborous veggies(all veggies should be green).and before bed eat a 50 gram protein shake with flax oil in it. do 45 minutes of fast paced walking immediately upon waking up in the morning before breakfast,then after that eat 7 egg whites with bowl of oatmeal,then eat three hours later a 40/40/20 meal,then one hour after this meal workout,then directly after workout eat your 50 grams of simple carbs to replenish glycogen levels,and fiffty grams of whey protein. one hour later eat 50 grams of protein and 50 grams of complex carbs(rice,baked potato,pasta.ect...). then three hours later eat a meal with 40-50 grams protein with as many carbs as you can eat from green vegatables. then three hours later eat you a protein shake with flaxseed oil in it. and if nessecary eat a 70/10/20(pro/carb/fat) meal every three hours until bedtime. i took my thermadrine about 45 minutes ago so im a typing fucking machine right now,so if i rambled on and didn't make sense then im sorry,if you need me to clarify anything just ask again.sorry for speeding while typing,peace

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    bump this answer

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    And for the other part of your question, "how much cardio," the more you can do the faster your results will be. Do as much as you can so that you will enjoy or at least be able to tolerate going to the gym. For cutting, I would do no less than 30 minutes 5 days a week - reasonable high intensity.

    One other thing. . . It is very difficult to get down to 9 or 10% bf. It took me years and some guys can never do it. If you work really hard though I'll bet you can get down to 14 percent in 6 months. And, trust me the difference in your appearance between 14 and 19% will make it worth the effort.

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