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Thread: water intake?

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    water intake?

    i ran a search and i'm surprised i didn't find any threads on this. i'm 21 weeks out from a show and i was wondering what my water intake should be? i'm still clean bulking at the moment. 12 weeks out i'm sure water intake changes so i was wondering what it should be both now and then.

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    Im under the impression that you shouldn't really do anything with water consumption until the last week when you water load/deplete along with sodium. Then again, I've never competed.

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    i also ran a search and came up with nothing, im suprised because in the gym i constantly here guys talk about how imporant water is during a cycle, but on here nothing. any suggestions?

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    12 weeks out from a show i drink 5-6 litres of water a day, this gets your body used to excreteing water so that when you cut fluid your body will continue to excrete fluid, this amount of water also helps keep your appetite down and some even believe it helps the fat burning process, especially drinking cold water as your body increases its temperature thus a thermogenic effect.

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