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    healthy choice lunch meat

    I'm 190 6'2 and have lost 16lbs in the past 3 months using Ripped Fuel but and im still trying to lose some fat around the lower stomach area and look leaner. Im faced with a little problem when it comes too lunch at work. Since my job is driving and time is of the essence so my meals must be quick and hassle free.

    Ive experiemented with different lunch choices mostly from a wawa along my route.

    My diet as of now looks like:


    {Large bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats - 2% Milk
    1-2 Egg whites}
    {3 scambled eggs(1 yolk)}
    Wheat toast
    GNC Whey Protien Shake mixxed with 1/2 2% milk and 1/2 water*

    Lunch: **My biggest problem**

    Healthy Choice smoked Turkey on Wheat , dry , lettuce , tom, hot peppers, no cheese

    Low fat yogurt

    Pre Workout:

    1 can Tuna on wheat prep. with non fat mayo
    3-4 egg whites

    Post workout:

    1-2 halve Chicken breast on GF Grill w/ either BBQ Sauce or Spag. Sauce
    1 Can Baked beans
    1 veg


    1-2 hrs before bed

    non fat pudding w/ whey powder
    or 3-5 egg whites w/ salt

    Any advice on any meal is greatly appreciated especially my lunch problem.

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    Sorry my workout consists of

    weight training 3-4 days wk
    followed by
    3-4 days wk cardio 30 mins

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    Get rid of the Frosted Miniwheats. Replace them with Special K or Puffed Kashie Honey. There is Too MUCH SUGAR in those. And you are using a large bowl, huh? HAve you ever tried Shredded wheat? Use some EQUAL on it. Use SKIM Milk not 2%. Move up to 6 eggwhites. You are 6"2' and a big man needs more protien than the 1-2 that you are taking in.
    Use Protien bars if you are on the run. Some are very high in protien. Try to stay off of the bread and you will see your lower stomach leaner.
    Low Fat Yogurt: NO! again loads of sugar about 28-30grams. try some cottage cheese.

    try not to eat after 9:30pm. But get a decent 6 meals in.
    Good luck!

    Big R.

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