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    Protein.... and bioavailability??? Can you answer this one?

    I used to get egg white powder,.. in bulk... 15kgs... for pretty cheap, from a comercial food place.

    I recently was in the best suppliment store in my city when I asked the guy in the shop about it. He told me that the bio-availability of my egg white powder was not as good as the BB suppliment brand as it is not predigested.. and my body would not absorb it as well.

    He said I was better off going with the BB brand.

    Is this a bullshit way to get me to spend $$ at his store. And how true is what he is getting at?

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    he's a genious... well maybe

    Protein Source==========BV (biological value, or bioavialability)
    Whey Protein Isolate Blends 100-159
    Whey Concentrate (Lactalbumin) 104
    Whole Egg 100
    Cow's Milk 91
    Egg White (Albumin) 88
    Fish 83
    Beef 80
    Chicken 79
    Casein 77
    Rice 74
    Soy 59
    Wheat 54
    Beans 49
    Peanuts 43

    This is pretty much how fast the protein is absorbed and how fast it can go into action. When is in the system within 30 minutes, however is completely out in 2 hour. Peanuts take alot longer to get in, but are there for a substantially longer time. Just buy some whey, doesn't really matter what brand, I prefer EAS simply whey, or optimum whey.

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