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Thread: critique diet

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    critique diet

    meal 1
    2 whole eggs
    5 egg whites
    4 oz cooked chicken
    1/2 cup of oatmeal
    1000 mg ginger
    500 mgs ALA

    meal 2
    6 oz 93% ground turkey
    1 small apple
    250 mgs ALA
    1000 mgs Ginger root

    meal 3
    6 oz chicken cooked
    5 oz yam
    500 mg ALA
    1000 Mgs ginger root

    Meal 4
    1.5 cans tuna fish
    1 whole egg
    1/3 cup oamteal dry
    apple cider viegar
    1000 mgs ginger
    250 ALA

    before workout 1/2
    40 grams isopure protein
    1/2 teaspoon flax
    5 grams creatine

    after wards
    40 grams isopure
    10 grams glutmine
    5 BCAAS
    1 cup oatmeal
    8 oz potatoe
    1 cup veggies

    1000 mgs ALA
    1000 mgs Ginger

    wait an hour and a half

    last meal before bedd
    4 oz chciken cooked
    5 egg wwhites
    apple cider vineagr
    1 teaspoon EFas

    first 5 meals 4 liver tabs /4 mass aminos

    5'9 5.5 % body fat

    cardio 2 times HIT and one longer duration
    ECA stack
    trying to gain lean body mass with little or no

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    HOLY SHIT. 205 @ 5.5% and you're asking us if your diet is ok???

    Bro that diet is flawless...there is not a thing that I can suggest besides taking 5-10glutamine PRE workout so as your body is getting torn down, it already has glutamine to use...also maybe a carb up every 10-14 days.

    Have you posted pics ? You gotta look sick.

    I do the same thing as far as not eating carbs before workout to use stored glycogen rather than carbs...helps the fat burning process.
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    i would say throw some carb powder in ur post work out shake for better recovery

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    i'm with Papa on this one ,you freak lol.My diet is not quite as good as yours but i am working on it .What is the ginger/ginger root for ?
    Your size right now is what my goal is at this time .
    christ i would settle for 8% bf.


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