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Thread: BF% Question

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    BF% Question

    Where should I go to get the best calculation. My doctor???

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    there are many bf% methods available. the best is dual x-ray absorptimitry. It can be accurate to within 0.1%. There are no assumption dependant variables in this one. The next best is water weighing method. Very few assumptions and pretty invariant too exogenous factors. The others are pretty much the same as far as accuracy and assumptions (in my experience). You can have caliper testing done. be sure to have somebody with experience do it as it is technique dependant. electrical impedance testing can be good. much better for men than for women. this is because hydration levels matter a lot (ALOT!) women vary so much in water retention that they can vary by 5% pretty easily. Counteract this by measuring every 28 days (or a set number after or before a period). the easiest is circumference testing (you can easily do it yourself with just a string and a yardstick). can be decently accurate depending on the method.

    as for where. pretty much only big time research centers and hospitals have DXA or water weighing. most gyms do either caliper or EI (you can also buy these). you can do circumference method yourself.

    hope this helps

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    How do you do the circumference method?

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