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    Should you stick away from SIMPLE CARBS even when bulking???

    Hey fellas-

    I'm trying to bulk up, and always seem to be baffled with the damn diet.... I am bulking, but I don't want my BF% to sky rocket, so is it best to stay away from simple carbs??/ (other than post workout of course)---- but should your post-workout mean- an hour after- also be simple carbs?? or just the shake?? Thanks


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    Some simple carbs wont hurt you A/C as long as you are consuming vast quantities of other food at the same time.

    The 1 hour after meal should consist of both carbs and protein bro so don't worry about what you eat as long as it's got decent amount of both and not too much fat (which makes the meal pass more slowly from the stomach to the duodenum and hence slows down your digestion and absorption of your meal).

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