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    I feel guilty, please scold me...

    woke up at like 2am this morning with a sweettooth and ate some king size fugde-nut chocolate bar from the states, could barely eat half but i kept shoving it in my mouth, then i look at the back for the nutrional contents, omg 25 g of fat, 30 carbs and that's for only 1/2 of it, please scold me.

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    Nothing wrong with a little candy once in a while, just don't make it a habit. Maybe limit yourself to one bar a week. If you have a cheat day this would be the day to do it, but imo all that choco would just make you want more later on.

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    i totally agree,

    if you totally say no all the time your going to fail sometime. set up a cheat day and have that one time a week.

    Now hit the gym and earn that bar!


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    When I first opened this thread I thought I was in a porn forum.

    Don'tmake it a habit, next time have a protein bar, shake, some ygurt, or try to get somebooty. Werkz fur mee!

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