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    Tea and Coffee Question

    Is drinking too much of these beverages during the day bad for u....i use a shot of skim milk and sweet and low?

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    They have no calories and no carbs, so in that respect they are not bad. They contain caffeine, (about 60 mg /8 oz cup on coffee and 30 mg on tea). Caffeine will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. Sweet and low contains no calories and 1 gram of carb per packet.

    All-in-all I think there are probably worse things for you. On the negative side there are some in the medical community that thin too much caffeine is no good for you. It has a dehydrating effect. So, if you REALLY like the flavor you can switch to decaffeinated after a certain amount of coffee.

    Remember, however, if you are doing ECA stacks, they contain 200 mg of caffeine, and most people do 3 or four a day = 800mg caffeine). So if you are trying to cut it can be helpful. If you drink lots of coffee and ECA stacks you are probably too wired to be reading this post, so I will assume you are not.

    Believe it or not, I have done both at points in the past, but it really is not advisable.

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    just make sure you drink 10oz. of water for every cup of caffeinated tea or coffee you drink...then you'll be okay. By the way, how many cups are you considering "too much of these beverages"?

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    PH levels can rise and complicate digestion and proper utilization of your food. High levels of PH are also associated with overtraining.

    Try taking in an ocasional buffer like Sodium Bicarbonate to neutralize your blood. This is the cheapest supplement you can buy. A box of Baking Soda cost like .$50 - but you must wait for it to completely dissolve. A better option is Alka Seltzer...

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