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    How's this bulking diet sound???

    Alright bro's, I just got my gear in and here's what I got and my diet so far. My cycle is 500 mgs. Test Enanthate for 10 weeks, Deca 400 mgs. for 9 weeks, Dbol 35 mgs a day, everyday for first 6 weeks, Aromasin .25 a tab everyday, throughout cyle, and Nolv. on hand and Clomid at end. Here's my diet so far, I'm gonna get a nutritionist who was my trainer for my first show to tweek it. Here it is so far.

    1 cup of oats measured dry
    8-10 egg whites or 4 tbsp. of egg protein powder
    1 tbsp. of natural peanut butter.

    Mid-Morning Meal:
    1 packet of Prolab's Matrix
    1 Bananna

    8-10 oz. of chicken breast, salmon or lean red meat
    2 cups of brocolli or green vegetable
    1 cup of brown rice

    1 packet of Prolab's Matrix
    1 tbsp. natural peanut butter

    Same as lunch plus 1 tbsp. of olive oil over vegies
    Speedstack drink
    During workout-another speedstack drink

    Tues and Thurs
    Diet is almost the same except for intead of 8-10 oz. of chicken breast, I'll have 8-10 oz. salmon steak plus the vegies and brown rice
    After workout-Size-Up weight gainer powder

    Late-night meal-either another Size-up shake or 8-12 egg whites and 1 cup vegetables.

    I also take 20 mgs. of L-Glutamine a day, and I'm gonna start taking EAS Simply Creatine during this cycle. Oh, by the way, my stats are 6'3, 230 or alittle more, and I don't my bf% but I know its under 20 or a little lower and I don't know my muscle measurments? So given the info and my diet, please tell me if I know any changes? Any comment are welcome, so don't be a stranger to this thread. And thank you in advacnce bro's.

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    Hey I just want to let anyone know who reads this thread, that if it sounds a little stupid or fucked up, I have a reason for it due to me being very drunk the other night and I decided to go online. So, this is sort of the diet I'm gonna be using but I've made some changes, but if anyone wants to comment on this diet, feel free. Thanks.

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    I love ur bulk plan but what i am trying to find out is it ok 4 me

    i am 6'0
    215 naked
    not phat but have some chub will this bulk plan work 4 me

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