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    keto diet low blod sugar/hypo problems?

    My mate explained to me what only sounds like a hypo to me today, we are both doing keto diet and 5 days in, my blood sugar was normal when i checked it out last night, he said he felt tired alot more than i was experiencing. Anyway in the gym today this was his explanation of what happened

    hard to explain really, felt light headed, hot, sweating like fuck and when i got off the bike i was like spaced out, really spaced out to fuck, had to sit down for at least 20 minutes. The spaced out feelign was weird like out of it dont know hwow to explain and now I am hot and still feel far from right.

    Anyway he drank some sprite in the gym cos he wasnt sure what was going on, so i guess the ketosis is out, question is whats all this about?? anyone recognise that description? or know what this is all about? i feel shitty but, I am not like that, thanks for any replies


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    Agreed Diesel. When you are in ketosis your body is pulling all its fuel from fats..Thats why I am a firm believer in CKD..Carb back up a little on Friday night and Sat..

    Jason- Is he getting anycarbs from his post workout shake ? You are alloed to have at least 30g a day and some should be postworkout...As well as around noon. From veggies and stuff.

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    Low carb is often very beneficial with type 2 diabetes from what I have been reading. Type 1, is another story.

    One of the effects of low carb is that you lose a lot of water weight very fast. That is why it is imeritive to drink a lot of water and also to make sure you are supplementing with a HIGH potenc vitamin. I also had an electrolite problem at one point that can be corrected by tsuplementing with extra dossages of sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

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    he should make sure he is not doing anything that lowers blood sugar levels like taking ALA, excesive cardio on keto diets ZERO carbs,etc

    It is best to go zero carbs until you are in ketosis and then you can do 20g-30g carbs /day as long you are working out/doing cardio.

    being deep into ketosis oes not produce more fat loss either your are in ketosis or not.

    and keto diets should not be started without checking if you are diabetic. you can die from this diet if you are. tons of people have some form of diabetes and do not even know it.

    and I would not do simple sugars on a keto diet so I would not spike blood sugar levers.


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