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    My School Wrestling Diet

    Ok here is my school's wrestling diet.... What do you think of it???

    Breakfast: 2 Eggs, 1pc Wheat Toast (Dry) 1 Water 16oz
    Lunch: Large Salad, 1 Apple, 16oz water
    Dinner: 6 oz piece of chicken, 6oz Lightly Buttered Broccoli, 16oz water

    B: 1 bowl oatmeal, 1 banana, 16oz water
    L: 1 bowl Chicken Soup, 2 stalks celery, 16oz water
    D: 1 Large Baked Potato 1pad butter and 1 slice of cheese, small salad, 16oz water

    B: 1 bowl cheerios, 1 banana, 16oz water
    L: 1 Turkey sand on wheat lettuce tomato, 2 carrot sticks, 16oz water
    D: 1 Lean Pork Chop, 1 cup green beans, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, 16oz water

    B: 1 egg, 4 strips bacon, 1 pc wheat toast, dry, 1 banana, 16oz water
    L: 1 Apple, 1 Banana, Small Salad, 16oz water
    D: 1 Bowl Pasta (16oz)-No Meat Sauce,16 oz water

    B: 2 pc wheat toast *lightly buttered* 1 orange, 16oz water
    L: 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 celery sticks, 1 apple, 16oz water
    D: 1 bowl chix soup, 1 pc cheese, 16oz water

    One more thing to add, ok in our practice we usually get one water break and our practice last 2:30-6 everyday, would it be a really bad idea to take epherine to lose weight, or take non ephedrine products just to help me out
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    How many cals is that a day? Eating 3x a day is good, but when dieting, you want to keep atleast 6 meals (during keto, I was eating 10 meals a day) to keep your nitrogen balance in check. Also, if you're looking to wrestle, you'll need strength.

    Check out what happened with Shamrock? Dieted down almost 30lbs and he got ROCKED. He was so cut and dry that his oxygen totally failed him. If I were you and planning on roughing up a few dudes, screw trying to get "lean" and eat healthy.

    ALSO, what are your personal goals from this diet? That would help out huge brah.

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    I don't know how many calories that would be in a day...

    yeah the only thing i want to acheive from this diet is to get under weight, i weighed out today at 199 and i am wrestling 189 again this year. im pretty strong so i rough people up anyway, but considering Ohio is the hardest wrestling state it doesnt matter.Only 10lbs to lose..not bad

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    hey dude i wrestled for over 6 years and ill let u know that wont cut it.. i lived on a apple and 2 glasses of slim fast for over a month in my last year.. i got rocked at provincials... eat more times and add some more fruit and natural foods into ur diet.. lots protein also.. with the high workouts ull need calories plus ur training.. i went from 220 my last year to under 169.. trust me itw tough.. eat more and stay healthy.. cheerio

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