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    ***What to eat for CCUUTT (ECA)*** how this sound???

    im going to start an ECA diet program for cuts pretty soon... im wondering what should i eat and what should i not eat...

    i work out from monday to thursday.. spend time about 1-2 hr in the gym pushing it real hard... and starting a bit of cardio

    im watching my diet not to eat any carb and focus on mainly protien (meat) ... and any non fatning food...

    what should i eat.. ???

    sandwich..(chicken, ham, bacon, ect) whats good??
    fruit.. banana, mango, apple, etc.. ?
    boiled egg..

    how about rice..??

    what is a good clean diet for me from the food above.. ..cuz its the easiest to get ...

    Im gonna take ECA ... Xen or Hydrox.. . before breakfast .. and in the after noon.. il start of easy .. only on work out dayz.. mon-thur.. then mon-fri... the week after that will be mon-sunday.. and rest one week... ...... then down the cycle again..
    thats 8 weeks...

    im thinking about doing this because ... 1.. i heard that u need to have an 'off' week in order for the body to get the effect.. cuz the body get used to the eferiene... and 2.. when i am about to end the cycle .. i do it slowly so i dont get the craving when stop...

    i need a good diet..
    i work out constantly...

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    I think you need to read up a bit on diet. Gernal rule for cutting 1g of carbs per lbs of bodyweight 1.5-2g of protien:


    Lean read meat
    Protien Powder


    Sweet Potato's
    Brown Rice


    Things high in fibre = green is good rule of thumb.

    Food values can be found online or off start page of this site.

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