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    Help! First attempt at cutting: includes Workout and Diet....

    Hey guys, finally attempting to REALLY cut for the first time this year.
    I am currently at 6’ 207 (@ 12% bodyfat) and would like to cut while losing as little LBM as possible(don’t we all want that).
    Here is the workout schedule I will be trying out for the first time:
    (dropping from a 5 day split w/ one bodypart per day to this)

    M: Pull
    1. BB Rows: 3 sets
    2. Side laterals: 3 sets
    3. Lat pulldowns: 3 sets
    4. Rear laterals: 3 sets
    5. Low rows: 3 sets
    6. BB Shrugs: 4-5 sets(respond better to higher volume for traps)

    T: Push
    1. Incline DB: 3 sets
    2. Shoulder press: 3 sets
    3. Flat DB: 3 sets
    4. Front raise or upright row: 3 sets
    5. Decline BB: 3 sets
    6. Abs

    W: Off-cardio @ 30 mins

    Th: Pull
    1. BB Curl: 3 sets
    2. Ham curls: 3 sets
    3. Preachers: 3 sets
    4. Ham raises: 3sets
    5. Seated incline curls: 3 sets
    6. Abs

    F: Push
    1. Closegrips: 3 sets
    2. Squats: 3 sets
    3. Overhead ext w/ DB: 3 sets
    4. Leg ext: 3 sets
    5. Pressdowns: 3 sets
    6. Hack squat: 2 sets
    7. Calf raises: 4-5 sets

    Sat and Sun: Off-cardio @ 30 mins.

    ***Too much volume??? What would you add/cutout???

    Diet layout:

    B-fast: 4 eggs(2 w/yolk, 2 w/o yolk), 1 Multi vitamin & 1 ECA.

    Snack: Protein shake(50 g) w/ creatine, glutamine, and flax. Mixed with 1 ½ cups of 1% milk.

    Lunch: 2 Chicken breast/2 small steaks w/ small baked potato, 2 Jello cups, 1 ECA.

    Snack: 2 Light&Fit yogurts, ½ cup of peanuts/cashews.

    After WO: Protein shake(50 g) w/creatine, glutamine, and flax. Mixed w/ 1 ½ cups of 1% milk. Also Carb shake(50g) mixed w/ juice.

    Dinner: 2 Chicken breast/2 small steaks w/ 1 cup brown rice, 1 ECA.

    Snack: Protein bar(32 g). (Possible ½ can tuna w/ light mayo also)

    Will take one cheat day during weekends.....

    ****Any suggestions??? Additions/takeouts???

    Thanks in advance, Stan

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    UP your carbs for Post workout remember Carb: protein ratio 3:1
    so of you taking 50g protein take 150 g carbs.

    how much carbs do u need post workout = .7 * bodyweight
    eg if you are 200lbs .7* 200 = 140 thats max, you should take in atleast 100g carbs as you are doing hard work.

    and I dont like your idea of DAY OFF
    according to your schedule, you really work 7 days a week
    OFF means OFF, no cardio no nothing, NO SEX lol

    really your body should not have any stress on your days off. you can do cardio either on your Workout day and wednesday should be completely off
    saturday is when u can go nuts at cardio, and sunday u need off so you can recovery for your monday workout

    My stats are EXACTLY same as yours, after one cycle

    take SKIM milk not 1%, everything else is fine

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    I thought about upping the carbs after workout but I want to try and keep them down throughout the day also....
    Would I need to subtract any carbs from any other meals since I will be upping my intake after the workout??

    That was actually my first plan on the whole cardio idea. I tried that last year and I managed to get the cardio in fairly easily on workout days so I guess that should not be too much of a problem. I just have to stick with it this year......

    For the most part my weekends will probably be my OFF just always ends up that way.

    Thanks again for the input.


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