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    lean muscle while bulk

    ok, my upper body is pretty hard and defined but my waist is not that great. I am doing a buling cycle but want to avoid ass much fat as possibble. It is possible to gain 10-15 lbs of lean muscle on a bulking cycle with alot of protien and low carbs. what is your opinion and does anyone have a good diet plan for thiis they would like to share. thanks

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    Clean bulk

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    Yellow said it all, eat clean. The only difference in a bulking diet and a cutting diet should be the amount of calories consumed. Eat clean and alot of it. Ex. chicken, trukey, lean red meat, lean pork, fish, tuna, brown rice, veggies, oats, wheat pasta, milk, natural peanutbutter, flaxseed oil, wheat breads (in moderation), water, NO JUNK FOOD, potatoes, fruit in moderation.........and the list goes on.

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