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    Post workout shake

    I usually bring a protein shake and creatine supplement to the gym to drink post workout. If I do cardio after my workout, should I drink my shake before or after I do my cardio.

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    If you drink it before your cardio you will make it harder to tap into fat stores and your post workout shake will probably get used for energy instead of feeding your muscles. I would take it after the cardio.


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    painintheazz is right on. take it after.

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    An hour of training plus cardio, that will be burning muscle without any protein. YOu should definately have some protein after you workout. If not your gonna be burning muscle while doing that cardio, which i don't think you want...

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    If you are going to do HIIT, then definately eat carbs before and after. the difference between normal walking cardio, and high intensity is that fat oxidation is not inhibited through carbs, and can actually increase, through performance and endurance increases when your body has carbs. HIIT in the end, has a much higher post exercise caloric expidenture... making a 15min session much more effective in the end, than a 1 hour incline walk on a treadmill...because once you are off that treadmill, metabolism slows quickly, and also, when carbs are consumed, fat oxidation IS inhibited.

    so if you are going to do cardio at a high intensity, then yes, carbs are good... definately don't skimp out on carbs, people that do are the ones that end up losing the muscle, and feeling miserable throughout their cutting diet.

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