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    Question Milk Protein Isolate

    Well, as we all know by now milk protein is allegedly a perfect blend of whey and casein proteins. If you don't check out BigCat's All About Protein or his Milk and Bodybuilding articles.

    Now say I consume 60g of milk protein in a shake. My question is, does this mean that the whey portion of the protein is absorbed right away (i.e. its high bio-availability and high anabolic value are immediately utilized) and that the casein portion of the protein is absorbed more slowly throughout the next few hours after the shake, OR does it mean that they will both be digested in the same amount of time, a resulting average of the digestion times of each of the two proteins?

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    i guess for the blend is that the whey is supposed to absorb quickly into your system then the milk protein is supposed to slow digest into u, giving u a quick jolt of protein followed by a slow steady chain of protein...

    but i dont see why u would wanna do this....either u want it quick, post workout, or over a longer span, the rest of the day...

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