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    Talking Simple Carbs (Dextrose) Post Workout Questions

    I've mentioned before that I'm on a cutting diet, and that post-workout I take 2 scoops of Whey Protein mixed with skimmed milk.

    Although the skimmed milk adds simple carbs which I know I need after a workout, I've been advised to remove it as it contains lactose, which slows down digestion.

    I know that a lot of you guys add dextrose to your post-workout shakes to add these simple carbs so I'm considering getting some.

    Is it expensive? How much do I take post-workout? How many kcals would the recommended post-workout dextrose intake add to my shake?

    I was also wondering, couldn't I just add plain old sugar (like you put in your tea/coffee) to my shake? What about Glucose? What is the difference between sugar, glucose & dextrose?

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    Expensive, no. How much to take depends on your body and how your body handles fat and muscle. I have heard that sugar and dextrose break down differently (they have a different chemical make up) dextrose breaks down fast than simple table sugar. I don't think you could take glucose because that is what your body converts carbs to.


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