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    Dextrose Questio

    I just switched my workout from once/day to two per day...should i still take 50g of dextrose w/my protien after each or split it...just worried about all that dextrose turning into fat...thanks...

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    Good question, I'd say to rake it after oth workouts, but maye not as much. Oh hell I'll bump ya for someone who might actually have a better answer than me.

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    Depends on your body. If your workouts are intense enough then you can take 50g after both, but I am assuming your workouts are a little shorter now, so you have used less glucogen in your muscles, using less means less needs to be refilled. I would go with 30g at each and then work my way up untill you feel good, (ie no fat gains, but you feel your muscles are full)


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