Right now I'm starting to bulk again. I'm taking Creatine. here's my average daily diet. I weight 150lbs right now. I'm coming off from cutting. So I'm prob about to add 500 more cal in to this.

7:30 AM-
20g whey protein,110cal
5g Creatine
34g carb.from Phosp. HP. 140cal
Total: 250 Cal.

11:00 AM
40g whey protein, 220 cal
30g carb.
Total: 350 cal

1:00 PM
30g protein
30g carb.
Usually about 400 cal. total

7:30 PM- Postworkout
40g Whey protein
40g Carb
5g creatine
Total 350 cal.

9:00 PM Pre bed.
Can of tuna- 21g protein
100cal total.

Daily Total- 1500 cal.
151g protein.
134g carb.

Like I said I'm about to increase cal by about 500 and up carbs to about 200. and maybe up protein to 170g.
Tell me what y'all think. Thanks