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    Little problem with excess fat

    Whats up guys i was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have a little bit of extra fat around my waist, nothing bad but its just always there. You can still see my upper abs but you can tell that there is a little blanket over them. Does anyone have any ideas about how i can get ride of that. My diet isnt flawless but i just want to know what things i should give up or what times i shouldnt eat to lose a little extra. Thanks.

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    Yohimburn and, if you can get it, Clen should take care of that (as long as your diet is in line) in the supp category or a CKD in the diet dept.

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    fix your diet and you'll slove your blanket of fat dillema
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yung Wun
    fix your diet and you'll slove your blanket of fat dillema
    Exactly! Diet is the key factor in any endeavor!

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