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    leaner not skinnier

    Ok guys I am a little confused. Im 5'7" about 160-165 I been lifting steady about 4 years and I started training for boxing about a year ago. I lift 30-40 minutes 4 days a week Nothing crazy...I am not in it for competition and boxing cardio training 45min 4 days a week,sparring once a week. MY job is no desk job...I walk all day...move furniture etc. Now I try to avoid garbage foods...But I love cereal ( 2 bowls a day) i try to stick to the healthy ones (raisin bran,total) even though I will have lucky charms like once a month. Wheat bread instead of white. Mustard instead of mayo. Jelly instead of butter and yet I still have a bit of a gut. I can tighten up and see a 4 pack but otherwise it just kinda hangs there.
    OK lose weight you must create a calorie deficit? I dont wanna lose weight just fat. If anything I wanna get bigger...which is why I am doing my first cycle very soon. So how can I be leaner without being skinnier???

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    The short answer is to eat more protein, only complex carbs timed correctly and healthy fats like flax oil and salmon.
    Do some studying on eating clean and cutting diets. It's all pretty well spelled out here.

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