Hey everyone, I'm new to this site, and I have been reading a lot of the posts. I am not a body builder, but I could use some help with my diet and exercise. I would like to start to lose weight and I need some tips or critiques on my program. Currently I am at about 171lbs. and would like to drop 10lbs. or so by the end of October (160lbs.). Anyway, I have like 5 weeks to lose 10lbs. and I thought it would not be a hard goal to attain, but I could be wrong. If 2lbs. is a lot to lose in one week, please tell me what I need to do in order to lose that much please. Here is my program.

My Exercise Program:
Sunday: 1hr. of cardio (stairmaster in intervals, 20min/session)
Monday: Chest 5X6-8 dumbell press
3X8 incline press
Shoulders:3X8 military press
3X10 rear delt raises
Triceps: 2X25 tri-kickbacks or pulldowns
Tuesday: 1hr. of cardio (stairmaster for 30 minutes and Elliptical for 30 min)
Wednsday: Back 3X10 dumbell rows
3X10 lat pull downs
Biceps 3X10 isolation curls
3X10 Hammer curls
Thursday: 1hr. of cardio (Stairmaster-30 Elliptical-30)
Friday: Same lifting routine as Monday
Saturday: same routine as Sunday

I'm concentrating more on cardio and trying to just maintain my muscle I have. I do not do any lower body weight lifting, because somehow I have naturally muscular legs and am pretty happy with where they are at.

My Diet Program:
1600cals a day
I need the most help with my diet. I have been at about a 35p/50c/15f ratio. But I need suggestions. Also, I know it's pretty low in calories, but I want to lose 2lbs. a week (12lbs. or so) for 5 weeks. I also take ECA stack by Nutrasport and have felt pretty good about it. Also, I use Myoplex shakes and betagen HP which have worked well for post-workout recovery. I have started to also incorporate low carb bars. I am a college student and always on the go. If I could get some simple easy to pack meals or homemade meals makes, I'd also appreciate it. I have a pretty clean diet but I am particial to wheat bread and would like to change my diet lifestyle. If anyone is actually reading this, I really appreciate it. I have already lost around 23lbs. and am still working. I've been working at motivating myself to go another round and your help would give me great confidence since it's from superiors.

Appreciate ya,