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    1st Post Need some help

    I have been playing football for the past 8 years. Lifting for 4-5years. Mostly bench, squat, cleans,total body lifts. But what I believe the problem is in my diet. I would like some help here because I know little on this. I know protien is important so I am currently taking 2 shakes of Pro enlarge2 per day on top of my 3 meals a day. I am in college so $ tight and I cant spend all day in the kitchen. I have no time to with studies, practice, social, and sleep. But I am 6'4" 215 and need to gain, I mean really gain.
    Can you guys give me some pointers?
    for example # of grams of Protien, carbs, calories
    thank you

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    Protein, up to 50 grams per meal or suppliment, preferably every couple hours. Your body can only digest 50 grams of protein at a time.

    carbs, since you want to gain, I assume you don't care if some of it is fat, then you should consume as many carbs as often as possible. The carbs themselves won't get you fat, but carbs with your regular food may cause you to put on some fat. If your body has plenty of carbs, it will use the carbs for energy instead of going after muscle storage.

    calories really depend on you. You have to figure out how many calories you can take in before you start to store fat. Some people only need 1500 calories to start to store fat and some people need 5000 calories before they can start to store fat. It depends on your metabolism, and your activity level mainly, but there are other factors to consider.

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