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    Question Confuse about carbs and fat

    Hi! iim a litle confuse and i would like some some xplanation...

    One of the first rule ive learnd in BB'ing is to not mix Carb and Fat at a same meal to not slow down the digestion process , right?

    Butt hell!!! thats not wath we want?

    we want carb with a lower GI to slow down the process of carb disgestion so they will not be store as fat, then why not fat and carb?

    im sorry for the poor quality of my english , it is my second language...

    tx guys!

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    It really depends, J-F. If you are cutting, most seem to think if its not one of your post workout meals, it doesn't matter if you mix carbs and fat because you will be in a caloric deficiet anyway. THe big deal about carbs and fat is when you are bulking, for the most part. It really does not matter anyway, because no matter which diet you choose, you should be eating low gi carbs, and theirs no need to slow their digestion. If you want the more in depth answer ill try and post it later im out the door right now.

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    The reason not to mix carbs and fat is because when and if you do your body will use one and store the other as fat. Also pwo meals you don't want any fat in them, you don't want to slow absorption in these meals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG TEXAN
    your body will use one and store the other as fat.
    what he said

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